AppCode 2018.3 Help

Advanced Editing



Use this shortcut to...

Comment with Line Comment


Comment/uncomment current line or selected block with line comments.

Comment with Block Comment


Comment/uncomment code with block comments.

Pop-up Hector


Show the Highlighting level pop-up window to configure highlighting in the current file.

Parameter Info


Show parameters of the method call at the caret.

Error Description


Show an error or warning description at the caret.

External Documentation


Open browser with the documentation for the selected item.

Override Methods...


Override base class methods in the current class.

Basic Code Completion


Code completion for any class, method or variable.

SmartType Code Completion


Code Completion filtering the lookup list basing on expected type.

Expand Word


Goes through the names of classes, methods, keywords and variables in the current visibility scope.

Insert Live Template...


Show a pop-up list of starting with a specified prefix.

Surround with Live Template...


Surround the selection with one of the templates.

Next Template Variable

In templates: move the caret to the next template variable.

Previous Template Variable


In templates: move the caret to the previous template variable.

Last modified: 28 March 2019

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