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Check Out From CVS Dialog

VCS | Checkout From Version Control | CVS

The dialog consists of the following pages:

Select CVS Configuration



List of available CVS configurations

Use this list to select the desired CVS configuration.


Click this button to define a new CVS configuration, or modify an existing one, in the CVS Roots dialog box.

Select CVS Element to Check Out

Use this page to select elements of the repository to check out. Next button is only available when an element is selected.

Select Checkout Location

Use this page to specify the target location for the artifacts to check out. All actions can be performed using the toolbar buttons, or context menu.




home icon


Jump to the user's home directory.



Jump to the project root directory.

icons actions newFolder


Create a new directory where the files will be checked out to.

icons actions delete

Delete the selected directory.

icons actions refresh svg


Synchronize with external changes.



Show Hidden Files and Directories

Check out to

Use this page to define CVS-specific checkout options.



List of local paths

Select the local path to which the module name should be added.

Make new files read-only

Check this option to set read-only attribute for the files that did not exist locally but were checked out from the repository.

Prune empty directories

Check this option to delete empty directories from the repository.

Change keyword substitution to

Check this option to enable keyword substitution, and select the desired substitution mode from the drop-down list.

Last modified: 28 March 2019

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