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Debug Tool Window. Dump

This tab appears when the Dump button icons actions dump svg is clicked on the Debugger toolbar, or on choosing Run | Get Thread Dump on the main menu.

Use this tab to review the external thread dump or the one taken from the debugger in a handy way. The tab is divided into two parts. The left one displays all threads, and the right one - the stack trace for the selected thread.

In the Dump tab, all threads are sorted so that the most meaningful and useful threads are on top of the list. For your convenience, threads are displayed in varying shades of gray text, and deadlocks are highlighted in red.

In this topic:

Threads toolbar


Tooltip and Shortcut




Click this button to enable filtering the thread dump by a word in the stack trace. A search field appears in the list of threads, where you can type the search string.

Note that plain search ⌘F is also available in the right-hand part of the Dump tab, in the stack trace for the selected thread.

icons actions copy svg

Copy to Clipboard

Click this button to copy the whole thread dump to the Clipboard.

the Sort Alphabetically button Sort by Type

Sort threads by name / Sort threads by type

Click these buttons to toggle between sorting threads in the alphabetical order, or by type.

icons toolbarDecorator export svg

Export To Text File

Click this button to export the current threads to a specified text file.

Thread types



icons actions pause svg

Thread is suspended.

icons debugger muteBreakpoints svg

Thread is waiting on a monitor lock.

icons actions resume svg

Thread is running.


Thread is executing network operation, and is waiting for data to be passed.


Thread is idle.

icons debugger threadStates edtBusy

Event Dispatch Thread that is busy.


Thread is executing disk operation.

Last modified: 28 March 2019

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