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Revert Changes Dialog

VCS | Show Changes View - Local - Context menu of a file or change list - Revert Changes

View | Tool Windows | Changes - Local - Context menu of a file or change list - Revert Changes

Use this dialog box to roll back changes that have not yet been committed to the repository.



Tooltip and Shortcut



Show Differences

Click this button to open the Differences dialog box that points at the inconsistencies between your local working copy of the selected file and the file in the repository.


Move to Another Changelist

Click this button to add the selected file(s) to another changelist. The Choose Changelist dialog box opens where you can select an existing changelist or create a new one.


Group by Directory

Click this button to toggle between the flat view and the directory tree view.

icons actions expandall svg
icons actions collapseall svg

Expand or collapse all nodes

Click these buttons to expand or collapse all nodes in the directory tree. These buttons are not available in flat view.


Select All

Click this button to select all the files in the list or directory tree.




Changed files

This tree view displays the list of changed files. Select checkboxes next to the files to be reverted.

Change list

Use the drop-down list to select the change list that contains the modified files to be reverted. By default, the active change list is suggested.

Delete local copies of added files

Use this checkbox to revert added files as well as your changes in modified ones.

Last modified: 28 March 2019