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Show History for File / Selection Dialog

VCS | Local History | Show History or Show History for Selection

Use this dialog to explore changes to a file, or selection. There are two views in this dialog:

History view

This view shows the list of revisions (states) of a file, with the date and time when the revision was stored. Some of the revisions are supplied with tags and labels.

Revisions are tagged automatically, for example, on opening a project, committing changes, or performing test. You can also set your own labels.



icons actions rollback svg

Click this button to revert the selected action.

icons vcs patch svg

Click this button to create a patch based on the selected local version.

Differences view

The Differences view is a powerful editor that supports basic search and replace, undo/redo actions, and code completion.

If a revision is selected in the History view, the left-hand pane of the Differences view shows this read-only revision, with the differences against the current revision which is displayed in the right-hand pane. The current revision can be edited.




icons actions copy svg


Click this button to copy the current line or the selected fragment to the clipboard.

icons actions nextOccurence svg or icons actions previousOccurence svg

F7 or ⇧F7

Use these buttons to move to the next or previous difference.

Ignore whitespace

Use this drop-down list to define how the differences viewer should treat white spaces in the text.
  • Do not ignore - when this option is selected, white spaces are considered unimportant and the differences are highlighted.

  • Leading and Trailing - select this option to have differences in the end and in the beginning of a line ignored.

  • All - when this option is selected, white spaces are considered unimportant regardless of their location in the source code.

icon InsertReplace, icon InsertReplace2 or iconRemoveChange

Use these buttons to apply differences.


This area shows summary information about the encountered differences: the number of differences found and the color map.

The color map for the Differences viewer is configured on the Colors and Fonts page.

Last modified: 28 March 2019