AppCode 2021.1 Help


Specify the settings for accessing the Docker API. For more information about using the Docker integration with AppCode, see Docker.

NameThe name of the configuration.
Connect to Docker daemon with

Select the method for connecting to the Docker API.

  • Docker for Mac: The recommended option when using Docker Desktop for Mac.

  • Docker Machine: If you are using Docker Toolbox for macOS, this is the recommended option for connecting to the Docker API. If the Connection successful message doesn't appear, check your Docker Machine executable setting on the Docker | Tools page.

  • TCP socket: This method should work for any Docker version. Use this method only for special cases and custom configurations. In most cases, you should use one of the recommended methods that don't require manual configuration.

    • If you are using Docker Desktop, set Engine API URL to unix:///var/run/docker.sock and leave the Certificates folder field empty.

    • If you are using Docker Toolbox, set Engine API URL to and Certificates folder to ~/.docker/.

Path mappings

Specify the mappings for folders that can be shared between the host and the container volumes.

Use the Edit button to edit an existing mapping, or the Add button to create a new one.

  • Local path: The path to the local folder that you want to make available for volume bindings.

  • Virtual machine path: The corresponding directory path in the Docker virtual machine's file system.

Last modified: 26 March 2021