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Configuring Intention Actions

AppCode makes it possible to configure intention action settings either in the Intentions page of the Preferences dialog, or "on-the-fly".

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To configure intention settings using the Preferences dialog

By default, all available intention actions that ship with AppCode, are enabled. By changing the Intention Settings, you can disable the actions that are not required for your current working environment.

  1. Open the AppCode Preferences by choosing AppCode | Preferences, and click Intentions under Editor.
  2. In the Intentions page, clear the check boxes of the intention actions or action categories that you do not currently need.

    Selecting or clearing a category affects all intention actions in this category.

  3. Apply changes and close the dialog.

To configure intention settings on-the-fly

  1. In the editor, press ⌥⏎ to reveal the inspection alert and suggestion list.
  2. Select the action to be disabled, then click right arrow button or just press the right arrow key.
  3. On the submenu, click Disable <intention action name>.

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Last modified: 10 February 2016