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Postfix code completion lets you transform an already typed expression to another one based on the postfix you type after a dot, the type of the expression, and its context. This transformation is performed by expanding the postfix-specific predefined template. For example, the .if postfix applied to a boolean expression wraps it with an if statement. See more at:

On this page, enable and disable postfix templates and appoint key to activate the template expansion.


Item Description
Enable postfix templates Select this check box to enable using postfix templates; if this check box is not selected, the postfix templates will not be used:
Expand templates with From the drop-down list, select the key that will expand the selected postfix template. The possible options are: Tab, Space, or Enter.
Table of available postfix templates The table below shows the list of available postfix templates. Clear the check boxes to the left from each postfix template to disable it.

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Last modified: 13 August 2014
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