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AppCode is IDE for OS X and iOS developers by JetBrains. AppCode is based on the IntelliJ platform that is being developed during 15 years now and contains a great amount of work and experience about all the aspects of software development process. And we, first of all, want to bring this knowledge and experience to iOS/OS X developers.

AppCode uses the same project model and structure as Xcode. Projects created with AppCode can be opened with Xcode and vice versa. Therefore, AppCode relies on Xcode and related development tools. For more information, see AppCode and Xcode.

Out of the box AppCode supports Objective-C, Swift, C and C++ languages, as well as web technologies and languages to make your development experience complete (HTML (including HTML5), CSS, JavaScript, and XML - these languages are bundled in the IDE via plugins and are switched on for you by default).

More online resources

If the AppCode documentation fails to answer your questions, you can find more information on the web. The following online resources are available:

Besides that, find here the complete keymap reference in PDF format.

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Last modified: 27 May 2015