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Keyboard Shortcuts You Cannot Miss

AppCode as a keyboard-centric IDE suggests keyboard shortcuts for most of its commands. In this topic, you can find a short list of the most indispensable of them, to make your first steps with AppCode easy.

See the detailed list of default keyboard shortcuts in the Keyboard Shortcuts by Category and learn how to customize your preferred keymap in the Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts section.

Shortcut Description
⇧⌘A Find action by name
⌥⏎ Show the list of available intention actions (Quick Fix) .
⌥F1 Switch between views ( Project, Structure, etc.).
⌃⇥ Switch between the tool windows and files opened in the editor.
⌘↑ Show the Navigation bar.
⌘J Insert a live template.
⌥⌘J Surround with a live template.
⌘↓ Edit an item from the Project or another tree view.
Comment or uncomment a line or fragment of code with the line or block comment.
Find class or file by name.
⌘D Duplicate the current line or selection.
⌥↑ and ⌥↓ Incremental expression selection.
⌘F Find text string in the current file.
⇧⌘F Find text in the project or in the specified directory.
Double-press Shift Search everywhere.
⇧⌘F7 Quick view the usages of the selected symbol.

Expand or collapse a code block in the editor.
⌃Space Invoke code completion.
⇧⌘⏎ Smart statement completion.
⌃T Show the list of available refactorings (Refactor This).

The complete keymap reference is available on the main menu (Help | Default Keymap Reference).

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Last modified: 3 April 2015
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