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Comparing with Xcode User Interface

If you are an Xcode user, this topic will help you find things in the AppCode user interface if you know where to find them in the Xcode user interface.

A lot of commands, e.g. File | Open can be found in the same places in both tools, but some commands and features are located differently.

In this topic:

Same commands and features with different locations or names

Xcode Command or feature

AppCode Command or feature

Edit | Refactor | [Refactoring]

Refactor | [Refactoring]

Product | Analyse

Code | Inspect Code

Build Settings

Project Settings


Run configurations

AppCode allows you to import color schemes from Xcode when configuring colors and fonts.

AppCode test run configurations are synchronized with Xcode’s schemes. All changes in them are propagated automatically.

Other differences

  • In Xcode, a file is opened in the editor by clicking on it in the Project view; in AppCode it’s double-clicking.

  • In Xcode, you can open a header file and the implementation in two editor tabs automatically, it a 'side-by-side' mode; in AppCode, you can split editor tabs and manually open the desired files the corresponding tab groups.

Last modified: 7 December 2018