AppCode 2018.3 Help

Creating Code Constructs Using Surround Templates

With AppCode's surround templates, you can quickly enclose an expression, a single statement, or an arbitrary block of code with if...else, @try...@catch or other code constructs, block comments, tags, etc. As the template expands, AppCode intelligently reformats the code, adjusts the selection, and/or repositions the caret in the end so that you could continue typing from a handy position.

To surround a block of code with a live template

  1. In the editor, select the piece of code to be surrounded.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • On the main menu, choose Code | Surround With Live Template....

    • Press ⌥⌘J.

  3. Select the desired template from the suggestion list.

As an example of applying a surround template, let's wrap a piece of HTML code with tags.

To surround a code fragment

  1. Open the desired file for editing.

  2. Select a code fragment.

  3. Press invocation shortcut ⌥⌘J. AppCode suggests the following surround templates:


  4. Select the tag template from the suggestion list. The code fragment is surrounded with empty tags:


  5. The caret rests within the opening one. On typing the tag name in the opening tag, the name is automatically reproduced in the closing tag:


Last modified: 7 December 2018