AppCode 2022.2 Help

Deployment: Excluded Paths Tab

Use this tab to configure a list of local and remote folders that you do not want to be involved in upload/download. If you want to exclude files and folders using patterns (for example, all files with a specific extension), use the Exclude items by name field on the Options page of the deployment settings section.


Tooltip and shortcut


Add item


⌘ N

Click this button to have an empty line added to the list. Then select the type of the path from the popup menu:

  • To add a local path, select Local path and specify the location of the folder to be protected against upload/download. Type the path manually or click Browse button and choose the required folder in the dialog that opens.

  • To add a deployment path, select Deployment path. Click Browse button and select the required folder in the Select remote excluded path dialog.

Remove item


⌥ ⌦

Click this button to remove the selected item from the list. The button is only available when a line is selected.

Last modified: 17 March 2022