AppCode 2023.1 Help

Editing data in MongoDB

Modify data in the data editor

  1. Open the MongoDB collection in the data editor.

  2. Double-click the cell and modify a value.

    Click the Preview Pending Changes icon (the Preview pending changes icon) to see the DML.

    Preview pending changes icon

Modify data in a separate editor

  • Right-click a cell in the collection opened in the data editor and select Open in Value Editor.

    In the separate editor, you can wrap long values and change their types. To wrap a value, click Toggle Soft-Wrap. To change the type, click the type list and select the necessary value. Alternatively, to change a type, you can right-click a cell and select Change Type.

Add and delete columns

  • Right-click a header row of a column and select Add Column or Delete Column{0, choice, 0#|1# Across Collection}.

Last modified: 15 March 2023