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Extract block parameter

With the Extract Block Parameter refactoring, you can create a block declaration based on the selected chunk of code within a method. As a result, the created block is passed as a parameter to this method, and all existing usages of this method are changed accordingly.

Extract block parameter

Extract a block parameter

  1. In the editor, select a chuck of code (within a method) which you want to replace with a block declaration.

  2. Select Refactor | Extract/Introduce | Extract Block Parameter from the main or context menu.

  3. In the dialog that opens, type the name of the block. If necessary, add/delete parameters, edit parameter names and types, and click Extract.

Code example



- (void)performLogin { // ... [self.loginModel loginWithEmail:email password:password completion:^(BOOL success) { // This code block will be extracted if (success) { [self showAlertLoginSuccess]; } else { [self showAlertLoginFailed]; } }]; } - (IBAction)buttonLoginPressed:(id)sender { // Method's call [self performLogin]; }
- (void)performLogin:(void (^)(BOOL))completion { // ... [self.loginModel loginWithEmail:email password:password completion:^(BOOL success) { // Extracted block completion(success); }]; } - (IBAction)buttonLoginPressed:(id)sender { // Method's call with the extracted block // as a parameter [self performLogin:^(BOOL controller) { if (controller) { [self showAlertLoginSuccess]; } else { [self showAlertLoginFailed]; } }]; }
    Last modified: 08 March 2021