AppCode 2021.1 Help

How to Adjust CPU Cores Number

You can adjust the number of CPU cores to be used by the IDE when running the active tasks (for example, indexing header files, updating symbols, and so on) in order to keep the performance properly balanced between AppCode and other applications running on your machine.

Adjusting CPU cores number

To set up the number of CPU cores:
  1. Go to the Help | Find Action main menu option or press ⌃⇧A. In the dialog that opens start typing Registry:

    Call the Registry dialog
    Select Registry from the list of suggested options.

  2. In this dialog, start typing cidr.indexer.thread.count. The IDE highlights the corresponding key.
    The Registry dialog
    Click the Value field of the highlighted string and enter the desired number of CPU cores assuming the following:
    • Negative value N means that the actual number of CPU cores will be reduced by N to determine how many cores will be used. For example, for 8 cores CPU the value -1 means, that 7 cores shall be used.

    • Zero value means that every available core shall be used.

    • Positive value determines the cores number to be used directly.

Last modified: 08 March 2021