AppCode 2023.1 Help

Import Table dialog

The Import 'table_name' Table dialog appears when you import a table into an existing one, or to another database or schema.

In this dialog, specify the data mapping info and the settings for the destination table.

Table name, structure and data mappings



Target schema

Schema in which you want to create or to copy a table. You can select schemas in other data source.


Name of a new table or an existing table in case you want to add data to the existing table.


Comment to a table.

Columns | Keys | Indexes | Foreign Keys

Data mappings and definitions of columns, keys, and indexes. Double-click the line to start editing.

The Mapped to field specifies relation of a data column from the file and the corresponding column in the database. If you clear this field, no data is added to the target column in the database.

To remove a column, select the corresponding line and click the Remove button the Remove button.

Data and DDL previews



Data Preview

The generated preview of how your data will be imported to the database.

DDL Preview

A statement or statements that AppCode will run to create a table. You can edit the statements in the DDL preview field.

Errors and logs



Write errors to file

Write errors that occur during the import in a text file.

Insert inconvertible values as null

Insert the NULL value into the table instead of the data that cannot be converted.

Disable indexes and triggers, lock table (may be faster)

Disable indexes and triggers during the import. Note that if you selected this option, it might lead to a situation when a trigger does not fire and fails to pass its results. Though it might improve the performance of the importing process. The option is available only when the target table (to which you copy values) has indexes or triggers.

Last modified: 28 February 2023