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Use the pages in this section to specify the JavaScript language version for your project and configure JavaScript support in it.

In this part:

JavaScript Language Version From this drop-down list, choose the JavaScript language version that represents the set of the language features to use in your project. The available options are:
Prefer Strict mode Select this check box to have the strict mode standard applied to JavaScript code. This helps improve your code by enforcing best practices and suppressing insecure ones.
Only type-based completion
  • When this check box is cleared, the completion list contains multiple variants in complicated cases.
  • When the check box is selected, the completion list strongly depends on the AppCode type inference. This makes completion more precise but in case of poor inference the list may be empty.
By default, the check box is cleared.
Flow executable In this field, specify the path to the Flow executable file.

The field is available only when Flow is chosen from the JavaScript Language Version drop-down list.

Use Flow server for: In this area, specify the basis for coding assistance by selecting or clearing the following check boxes:
  • Type checking: When this check box is selected, syntax and error highlighting is provided based on the data received from the Flow server. When the check box is cleared, only the basic internal AppCode highlighting is available.
  • Navigation, code completion, and type hinting: When this check box is selected, suggestion lists for reference resolution and code completiong contain both suggestions retrieved from integration with Flow and suggestions calculated by AppCode. When the check box is cleared, references are resolved through AppCode calculation only.
  • Code highlighting and built-in inspections: Select this checkbox to power native Flow code highlighting and built-in inspections. Please note that enabling this option may cause performance problems. By default, the check box is cleared.

The check boxes are available only when the path to the Flow executable file is specified.

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Language and Framework-Specific Guidelines:

Last modified: 26 July 2017