AppCode 2020.3 Help

Messages tool window

AppCode parses the compilation output and displays it in a convenient format in the Messages tool window, enabling you to navigate to the location of relevant problems in the source code.

Messages tool window

Toolbar Buttons

Icon Tooltip Description
the Stop button Stop Terminate compilation. This button is enabled when compilation is in progress.
the Filter button Filter Messages
  • All Messages: all compilation messages are shown. The option is set by default.

  • All Issues: only errors and warnings are shown.

  • Errors Only: only errors are shown.

Filter messages
the Collapse All button Collapse All Collsapse all messages.
the Expand All button Expand All Expand all messages.
the Show Build Log button Show Build Log Open the compilation log in the Console app.

Context Menu

Item Shortcut Description
Copy ⌃C Copy the selected message to the clipboard.
Navigate with Single Click Enable to automatically scroll to the appropriate line of the relevant file in the editor.
Expand All ⌃+ Expand all messages.
Collapse All ⌃- Collapse all messages.
Export to Text File ⌥O Save compilation messages to a file.
Last modified: 25 January 2021