AppCode 2020.3 Help

New AppCode File Dialog

The New... dialog appears upon selecting a file type in the New file drop down menu ( File | New...).
The dialog caption reflects the file type chosen, for example, New Swift Type or New C++ Class.
The number and type of fields in the dialog may wary depending on the file type.

Item Description
Name In this text field, specify a name for the file being created.
Folder In this text field, specify a path to the file. Type it in the text field or press the the Browse button button to select from the dialog.
Group From this drop down list, select a group the file is associated with.
Targets Select (or unselect when necessary) the targets that include the file being created.
Type Select type for the C++ class source/header file .mm/.h or .cpp/.h
Kind From the drop down list, select a file type.
Last modified: 19 August 2020