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Recognized File Types

File types

To view the list of file types recognized by AppCode, go to Settings/Preferences (⌘,) | Editor | File Types. If a file in your project is marked with the unknown file type it indicates that AppCode can't recognize it. In this case, you can register and configure a new file type.

The default list of recognized file types include:

File Type


ActionScript files

ac iconFileTypeAs

Archive files

ac iconFileTypeArchive

C/C++/Objective-C files

clion icons FileType cpp svg

CocoaPods Podfile

ac iconFileTypeCocoaPods

Core Data model

ac iconCoreData

Core Data files

ac iconCoreData
CSS files fileTypeCss

ESlint Configuration files

ac iconECLint


plain text icon

Files opened in associated applications

icons fileTypes custom svg
HTML files icons fileTypes html svg

Image files

images org intellij images icons ImagesFileType svg
JavaScript filesfileTypeJavaScript

JIRA query language

ac iconFileTypeJira

JSCS configuration files

icons fileTypes json svg

JSHint configuration files

ac iconJSHint

JSON files


NIB files

ac iconFileTypeuiForm

Patch files

Properties filespropertiesFile
Regular expressionsfileTypeRegexp

RELAX NG Compact Syntax


Storyboard files

ac iconFileTypeuiForm

Strings files

ac iconFileTypeText

Swift files

ac iconFileType Swift

Text files

icons fileTypes text svg

TypeScript files

icons fileTypes typeScript svg

Xcode Asset Catalog

ac iconXcodeAsset
XHTML files icons fileTypes xhtml svg

XIB files

ac iconFileTypeuiForm
XML DTD files ac iconFileTypeDTD
XML files icons fileTypes xml svg

YouTrack configuration files

ac iconYouTrackFile
Last modified: 25 July 2019

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