AppCode 2023.1 Help

Run and debug on multiple simulators

Sometimes you may need to run or debug one application build on several simulators simultaneously, for example, when you want to check your layout in different iPhone's screen size. In this case, you just need to enable the parallel run in the run/debug configuration settings.

Allow parallel run

  1. Select Run | Edit Configurations from the main menu or Edit Configurations from the run/debug configuration selector on the toolbar.

  2. Choose your configuration from the list.

  3. Select the Allow parallel run checkbox and click OK.

Allow parallel run

When you launch an application on a simulator after enabling the parallel run, the green dots appear on the toolbar and in the Run or Debug tool window. This indicates that now your application can run on different simulators at the same time.

Parallel run enabled

To launch another simulator, choose it from the run/debug configuration selector and click the Run button or the Debug button.

The number of running devices is shown on the toolbar:

Multiple simulators are running

To stop one of the running applications, click the Stop button Ctrl+F2 and select it form the list that opens. To stop them all, select Stop All.

Last modified: 01 July 2022