AppCode 2023.1 Help

Editor Tabs

Use this page to configure the appearance of the editor tabs and tab headers, specify their positioning on the screen, and define the opening and closing policy.


Tab placement

Use the list to set the location of editor tabs. If you select None, no tabs will be displayed, and any new file will open in the current editor.

Show tabs in one row

Select this option to see the tab headers in a single row.

Hide tabs if there is no space

If this checkbox is selected, AppCode shows as many tabs as the editor width allows; the rest are hidden and available under the Show Hidden Tabs App ide notification expand selector.

Clear the checkbox if you don't want to hide any tabs. Alternatively, you can choose Window | Editor Tabs | Show Hidden Tabs from the main menu to see hidden tabs.

Show tabs in

Select the way in which you want to display multiple tabs.

  • One row, and if tabs don't fit: place all tabs in one row, and if the tabs do not fit:

    • Scroll the tabs panel: display the scroll bar and scroll the tabs.

    • Squeeze tabs: shrink tabs to fit them on the screen.

  • Multiple rows: place tabs in several rows.

Show pinned tabs in a separate row

Select this option to automatically arrange pinned tabs in one row and unpinned tabs in other rows.

Use small fonts for labels

If this checkbox is selected, the font size on the editor tabs is set to the smaller value.

If this checkbox is not selected, the font size on the editor tabs is set to the default value, as in the project tree view.

Show file icon

Display file type icons in editor tabs.

Show file extension

Select if you want file extensions to be displayed in editor tabs.

Show directory for non-unique file names

If this checkbox is selected, the editor tabs will show the filename together with the parent directory name if the filename is not unique.

Mark modified (*)

Select to mark modified files with an asterisk App general modified.

Show full path on mouse hover

Select to be able to see complete file paths in a tooltip. If you need to configure the tooltip duration, use the Tooltip delay option located at the bottom of the Code Editing page.

Close button position

Select where you want the closing button Close new to be displayed on the tab.

Tab Order

Sort tabs alphabetically

Select this checkbox if you want the names of editor tabs to appear in the alphabetical order.

Open new tabs at the end

Select this checkbox to open a new tab at the end of the already opened one.

Opening Policy

Enable preview tab

The preview tab allows you to view files in a single tab one by one without opening each file in a new tab. Any other file that you select will replace the previous one in this tab.

Closing Policy

Tab limit

Specify the maximum number of editor tabs to be displayed.

When tabs exceed the limit:

In this area, specify which editor tab should be closed when the limit is reached and the user attempts to open a new file:

  • Close unchanged: AppCode examines the tabs in the order they were opened and closes the first tab that has not been modified.

  • Close unused: AppCode closes the tab with the less frequently modified content.

When the current tab is closed, activate

Specify which editor tab to activate when closing the current tab.


Always show qualified names for database objects in tab titles

Adds a schema name to the table name for the tab. If the checkbox is selected, double-click the table in the Database tool window to see a qualified tab name.




Shorten datasource and object names in tab titles

Abbreviate names of data sources and objects in tab titles up to 20 symbols.

Shorten datasource and object names in tab titles
Last modified: 06 April 2023