AppCode 2020.3 Help

Settings Repository

This page appears In the Preferences dialog ⌃⌥S , when the plugin is enabled.

The plugin is bundled with AppCode and is activated by default. If it is disabled, you can manually enable the plugin.

Use this page to configure the Settings Repository feature that allows you to share your IDE settings between different instances of AppCode (or other IntelliJ platform-based) products installed on different computers.

Item Description
Auto Sync Select this checkbox, if you want your local settings to be automatically synchronized with the settings stored in the repository every time you perform an Update Project or a Push operation, or when you close your project or exit AppCode.

If this option is disabled, you can manually update your settings by choosing VCS | Sync Settings from the main menu.

Read-only sources Use this section to configure additional repositories containing any types of settings you want to share, including live templates, file templates, schemes, deployment options, etc.

These repositories cannot be overwritten or merged, just used as a source of settings as is.

Use the following controls to manage the read-only repositories:

icons.general.add.svg Click this button to add the URL of the GitHub repository that contains the settings you want to share.
icons.general.remove.svg Click this button to remove the selected repository from the list.
icons.actions.edit.svg Click this button to edit the URL of the selected source.
icons.actions.previousOccurence.svg/icons.actions.nextOccurence.svg Use these buttons to move up/down in the list.
icons.actions.copy.svg Click this button to clone the selected URL.
Last modified: 25 August 2020