AppCode 2020.3 Help

TODO tool window

AppCode constantly scans your project for comments in the source code that match specific TODO patterns and displays them in the TODO tool window.

The TODO tool window (View | Tool Windows | TODO) consists of the following tabs:

  • Project: Shows TODO items for the whole project.

  • Current File: Shows TODO items for the currently open file in the editor.

  • Scope Based: Shows TODO items for a certain scope, selected from the list.

  • Current Changelist: Shows TODO items in the active changelist (available only if version control integration is enabled).

Toolbar Buttons

Icon Tooltip and shortcut Description
Previous TODO Previous TODO
Select the previous TODO item in the list.
Select the next TODO item in the list.
Filter TODO Items Filter TODO Items Select a filter or open the TODO dialog to edit the list of TODO patterns and filters as necessary.
View Options View Options Select how to group TODO items in the list. Not available for the Current File tab.
Preview Source Preview Source Show a preview pane with the source code of the selected file and the corresponding TODO item highlighted.

Title bar

Icon Tooltip and shortcut Description
Expand All Expand All
Expand all nodes in the list.
Collapse All Collapse All
Collapse all nodes in the list.
Show Options Menu Show Options Menu Open the options menu for the TODO tool window.
Hide Hide Hide the TODO tool window.

Context menu

Item Description
Jump to Source Jump to the location of the relevant comment in the source code. Available only when you right-click a TODO item or a file.
Local History

Show the Local History submenu:

  • Show History: Open the Local History window for the relevant file.

  • Put Label: Add a label to the Local History.

Last modified: 19 August 2020