AppCode 2023.1 Help

Update Project dialog (Perforce)

Use this dialog to update the local working copy of a file, directory, or project with a revision from the repository.



Revert unchanged files before sync (p4 revert -a)

Select this checkbox to discard changes made to open files. This option corresponds to the Perforce revert command. See p4 revert reference for details.

Force sync (-f)

Select this checkbox to forcibly copy files from the depot into the workspace. This option corresponds to the Perforce sync command. See p4 sync reference for details.

Run resolve automatically after the sync (p4 resolve -am)

Select this checkbox to resolve conflicts between file revisions. This option corresponds to the Perforce resolve command. See p4 resolve reference for details.

Do not show this dialog in the future

If this checkbox is selected, the specified actions will be performed silently in future.

Last modified: 21 April 2021