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The page is available when the Meteor plugin is enabled. The plugin is not bundled with PhpStorm, but it can be installed from the JetBrains plugin repository as described in Installing, Updating and Uninstalling Repository Plugins and Enabling and Disabling Plugins.

Meteor executable In this field, specify the location of the Meteor executable file (see Installing Meteor).
Automatically exclude ".meteor/local" directory on open project
  • By default, the check box is selected and the .meteor/local folder, which is intended for storing the built application, is automatically marked as excluded and is not involved in indexing.
  • Clear the check box to have PhpStorm show the .meteor/local folder and its contents in the Project tool window.

By default, excluded files are shown in the project tree. To have the .meteor/local folder hidden, click the viewMode button on the toolbar of the Project tool window and remove a tick next to the Show Excluded Files option.

Enable Meteor 'Hot code push'
  • Select this check box to activate the native Meteor hot code pushes functionality and thus have the changes made to have the client-side code during a debugging session applied. By default, the check box is selected.

    Changes made to the server-side code are uploaded through the PhpStorm Live Edit functionality, see Configuring the Update Policy for the Server Side Code.

  • When the check box is cleared, PhpStorm does not provide any way to apply the changes made to the client-side code during a debugging session.
Weak search for Spacebars templates
  • Select this check box to enable PhpStorm to search inside Spacebars templates. When this check box is selected and you invoke the Go to Declaration action on a helper, PhpStorm displays a list of all occurrences of this helper in templates. Choose the relevant one from the list.
  • When you invoke Got to Declaration with this check box cleared, PhpStorm does not perform any search and displays a tooltip which the following message: Cannot find declaration to go to.

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Last modified: 23 December 2015