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Command Line Tools Console Tool Window

Tools | Run Command

Use the tabs of this tool window to type and run PHP-specific commands in the command line and to validate tool definition files for structure consistence.

The character set to be used in the tool window is chosen from the Console encoding drop-down list on the Command Line Tool Support page of the Settings dialog box.

The tool window consists of the following tabs and areas:

  • The Input text box is displayed in the bottom of the tool window if you have chosen Tool window in the Show console in area of the Command Line Tool Support page. Otherwise, the Command Line Tools Input pane opens in a separate pop-up window.

    In this text box, type the desired command in the format <tool alias> <command>

  • The output tab shows the results of executing commands. The tab is named after the last invoked command.
  • The Tool definition file errors tab is not shown by default. The tab is accessible only if any structure discrepancies are detected in the tool definition file.

    Every time you invoke a command, PhpStorm performs full validation of the tool definition file. If the validation fails, PhpStorm displays a Command Line Tool pop-up window with a notification on validation failure. Upon clicking the More link, the Tool definition file errors tab opens showing messages on detected inconsistencies. Each message contains information on the file and the line number where the problem was found, as well as a brief description of the error.

    You can close the tab by clicking the cross on its header. To re-open the tab, again click More in the Command Line Tool notification pop-up window, which remains on the screen until you close it manually.

    Upon validation failure, the tool is marked with the Invalid description icon icon_incorrect_description.png in the Command Line Tool Support page.

Toolbar Options

ItemTooltip and ShortcutDescription
stop.gif Stop Ctrl+F2 Click this button to cancel execution of a command without closing the tool window.
arrowUp To previous command
Click this button to navigate to the previous command.
arrowDown To next command
Click this button to navigate to the next command.
icon_softWrap Use Soft Wraps Click this toggle button to have the soft wrap mode applied to the output.
scrollToEnd.png Scroll to the end Click this button to navigate to the bottom of the output tab named after the last invoked command.
print.png Print Click this button to have the contents of the console printed out. Upon clicking the button, PhpStorm opens the Print dialog box, where you can configure the printing procedure and output.
clear_all Clear AllClick this button to remove all text from the console. This function is also available on the context menu of the console.
exportToTextFile.png Export to Text Alt+O Click this button to have the results of executing commands saved in a text file. In the Export Preview dialog box, that opens, specify the target file, and click Save.
close Ctrl+Shift+F4 Click this button to close the tool window. If one or more commands are still running, the Command Line Tool dialog box opens. Specify whether you want to stop them or leave running in the background by clicking one of the following buttons:
  • Terminate and close
  • Close without terminating
help Help
Use this icon or shortcut to open the corresponding help page.

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Last modified: 12 July 2016