PhpStorm 2016.1 Help

Creating Branches and Tags

Subversion integration enables you to create branches or tags on the basis of your local working copies or repository versions.

To create branch or tag in a Subversion repository

  1. On the main VCS menu, choose Subversion | Branch or Tag. Alternatively, select the source folder and choose the command on the context menu. The Create Branch or Tag dialog box opens.
  2. In the Copy From section, specify the source folder that will be copied to a branch or tag. You can opt to use your local working copy, or a repository location.

    If a repository location is selected as the source:

    • Click to fill the Repository Location field with the path to the project location.

    • Specify the revision to base the new branch on. This can be the HEAD revision, or a revision with the specified number. If the Specified option is selected, type the revision number in the text field, or click browseButton.png and find the desired revision in the Subversion Changes Browser.
  3. In the Copy To section, specify the destination where the branch or tag will be created. If you use the base URL, specify the name of the new branch or tag. If you opt to create a branch or tag in another repository location, type its URL in the text field, or click browseButton.png and select the destination from the Select Repository Location dialog box.
  4. Optionally, type a comment message and click OK.

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Last modified: 12 July 2016