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Pull Image dialog

For this dialog to be available, the Docker integration plugin must be installed.

Specify the settings for pulling an image from a Docker image repository such as Docker Hub or Quay.

Registry The URL of the image repository service or a Docker Registry configuration:
  • If pulling an image doesn't assume logging on to the corresponding server, specify the repository service URL. E.g. corresponds to public repositories on Docker Hub.
  • Otherwise, specify the corresponding Docker Registry configuration. Click New to create such a configuration.
NewClick this button to create a Docker Registry configuration. The Docker Registry dialog will open. (A Docker Registry configuration in PhpStorm represents your Docker image repository user account.)
Repository The name of the repository (image) to be pulled, e.g. centos, jboss/wildfly.
Tag The tag of the image to be pulled.

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Last modified: 12 July 2016