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Running PHP Applications

You can run your PHP application in several ways:

  • From PhpStorm using a run configuration of the type PHP Web Application to view application output in a browser.
  • From PhpStorm using a PHP Console run configuration to view the application output in the Run tool window.
  • From PhpStorm, using a built-in Web server. This approach saves your time and effort because you do not need to deploy the application sources.

PhpStorm enables running entire PHP applications as well as particular classes or files.

To run an entire PHP application, perform these general steps

  1. Define a PHP run configuration:
    • To launch the application via a console, create a PHP Console configuration.
    • To run the application on a local or a remote Web server, create a PHP Web Application configuration.
  2. Deploy the PHP application on a local or remote server, if applicable.
  3. Run the application with the required run configuration.

To run a particular PHP class or file, do one of the following

  • Open the desired class or file in the editor and choose Run <file name> on the context menu or press Ctrl+Shift+F10.
  • Select the class or file in the Project view and choose Run <file name> on the context menu of the selection.

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Last modified: 12 July 2016