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Creating and Saving Temporary Run/Debug Configurations

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Sometimes you might need to run or debug a certain class or file , without creating a dedicated run configuration. In this case, PhpStorm provides a temporary run configuration.

Temporary run/debug configuration is added to the list of available configurations and works same way as the permanent run/debug configurations. You can change its settings using the Run/Debug Configuration dialog box and optionally save it as permanent.

Creating a run/debug configuration involves specifying the URL address of the Web page to open. For temporary configurations, PhpStorm assembles this URL address automatically. To have it done properly, you need to specify the project root folder URL on the PHP page of the Settings dialog box.

Creating a temporary run/debug configuration

To create a temporary run/debug configuration

  1. Select the desired PHP class or file in the Project tool window or open it in the editor.
  2. Do one pf the following:
    • On the context menu, choose Run <name> or Debug <name>.
    • Press Ctrl+Shift+F10.

    PhpStorm creates a temporary configuration, which appears in the Run/Debug Configuration selector, when the run or debug session is over.

Saving a temporary run/debug configuration

To save a temporary configuration, do one of the following

  • In the Run/Debug Configuration selector, choose Save <configuration name>.
  • In the Run/Debug Configuration dialog box, click mainToolbarSave.
  • On the context menu of the editor or Project view, choose Save <configuration name>.

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Last modified: 24 November 2016