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Line Separators Warning Dialog

The dialog box opens when you attempt to commit a file with CRLF line endings, provided that you have enabled this behaviour by selecting the Warn if CRLF line separators are about to be committed checkbox in the Git page of the Settings dialog box.

Cancel Click this button to stop the commit operation whereupon you can fix the problem manually.
Commit As Is Click this button to have the file with CRLF line separators committed.
Fix and Commit Click this button to have PhpStorm set the core.autocrlf attribute to input. As a result, all the CRLF separators will be replaced with LF separators and committed into the repository. Note that the reverse operation will not be performed when you download the files into your working directory, that is, no CRLF will appear in place of LF.

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Last modified: 24 November 2016