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Icons in the editor, tool windows, dialogs, and in the tree view

classTypeJavaClass.png Class
classTypeFinal.png Final class
classTypeAbstract Abstract class
classTypeInterface Interface
phpTrait PHP trait
classTypeTestCase Test case
method.png Method/function
icon_interface_method.png Method/function in an interface
variable.png Variable
php_storm_structure_show_constants.png Constant
field.png Field
property Property
property_yellow Parameter
xml_element Element
folder Directory
rootSource Source root
rootTest Test root
rootResourceResource root
rootExcluded Excluded root
ps_php_exception_breakpoint.png Exception
Visibility modifiers
private.png Private
protected.png Protected
public.png Public

Data Sources

DataSource DB data source. Also, DBMS-specific icons are used:


DBDerby Derby




DBOracle Oracle

DBPostgresql PostgreSQL

DBSQLServer SQL Server


DBSybase Sybase

DBReadonly DB data source with the read-only status, e.g. DBReadonlyDB2 for DB2.
icon_DDLDataSource DDL data source
dataSchema Schema
DataTables Table
dataView View
dataColumn Column
dataColumnNotNull A NOT NULL column
dataPkColumn.png Column with a primary key
dataFkColumn.png Column with a foreign key
dataIndexedColumn.png Column with an index
dataPrimaryKey Primary key
dataForeignKey Foreign key
dataIndex Index
dataFunction Stored procedure or function

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Last modified: 24 November 2016