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Debug Tool Window. Frames

The Frames pane shows the execution path that led to the point where code was paused. When you are debugging Web/Service Workers or during debugging a multi-thread Node.js application after an additional Node.js process starts, see Debugging Workers and Running and Debugging Node.js respectively, the drop-down list on the top of the pane becomes available. Use the drop-down list to jump between the Workers threads and the main application thread or between threads of a multi-thread Node.js application.

To examine a thread, select it from the drop-down list on top of the pane. The status and type of a thread is indicated by a special icon and a textual note next to the thread's name.

To examine the values stored in a frame, use the Variables pane of the Debug tool window.


ItemShortcut and TooltipDescription
arrowUp.png arrowDown.png Previous Frame/Next Frame Ctrl+Alt+Up/
Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the frame stack.
/help/img/idea/2016.3/commonfilter.png Hide Frames from LibrariesClick this button to hide frames from libraries. If this button is released, all frames are displayed.

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Last modified: 23 March 2017