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Installing an AMP Package

AMP packages are operating system-specific. The most common ones are:

  • XAMPP for Windows.
  • The LAMP package compatible with the Linux distribution used.
  • MAMP for macOS.

The installation procedure may differ depending on the operating system used, follow the installation instructions provided.

To install and configure an AMP package

  1. Download and install the desired AMP package.
  2. Use the AMP control pane to start the components.

    If the server does not start, most likely a port conflict takes place. By default, the Apache HTTP server listens to port 80. This port can be already used by other services, for example, Skype. To solve the issue, update the server configuration file as follows:

    • Locate the line Listen 80 and change it to, e.g., Listen 8080.
    • Locate the line ServerName localhost:80 and change it accordingly, in this example to ServerName localhost:8080.

    Save the configuration file and restart the Web server.

  3. To check your installation, open your browser and type the following URL address: http://localhost:<port number>. The AMP welcome page appears.

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Last modified: 19 July 2017