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This section lists and describes the keyboard shortcuts that include the Ctrl+Alt keys:

Ctrl+Alt+Alphanumeric keys

ShortcutFunctionUse this shortcut to...
Ctrl+Alt+BNavigate to ImplementationNavigate to implementation of an item at the caret.

This type of navigation lets you jump from a base type or member to any of its end implementations skipping the intermediate steps in the inheritance chain. For example, suppose that class MyClass inherits abstract class MyAbstractClass, which, in its turn, implements interface MyOriginalInterface. Choosing Go to Implementation when the caret is positioned at MyOriginalInterface takes you directly to the declaration of MyClass.

Ctrl+Alt+CExtract ConstantReplace selected expression with a constant (static final field) (Refactoring).
Ctrl+Alt+F Extract FieldPut the selected expression result into a field (Refactoring).
Ctrl+Alt+HCall HierarchyBrowse call hierarchy for the selected method. See page Viewing Structure and Hierarchy of the Source Code
Ctrl+Alt+IAuto-indent LinesIndent current line or selected block according to the Code Style settings.
Ctrl+Alt+JSurround with Live TemplateSurround the selection with one of the Live Templates.
Ctrl+Alt+MExtract MethodCreate a method from the selected code (Refactoring).
Ctrl+Alt+NInlineInline the selected method/variable (Refactoring).
Ctrl+Alt+PExtract Parameter Turn the selected expression into a method parameter (Refactoring).
Ctrl+Alt+TSurround withSurround selected code fragment with if, while, try/catch, or another construct.
Ctrl+Alt+VExtract VariablePut selected expression result into a variable (Refactoring). See page Extract Variable.
Ctrl+Alt+YSynchronizeDetect all externally changed files and reload them from disk.

Ctrl+Alt+Navigation keys

ShortcutFunctionUse this shortcut to...
Ctrl+Alt+EnterStart new line before current oneStart a new line before the current one.
Navigate to Next/Previous OccurrenceNavigate to the next/previous found item.
Ctrl+Alt+LeftBackUndo last navigation operation. See page Navigating to Navigated Items

On a macOS computer, you can also use the three-finger right-to-left swipe gesture.

Ctrl+Alt+RightForwardRedo last undone navigation operation. See page Navigating to Navigated Items

On a macOS computer, you can also use the three-finger left-to-right swipe gesture.

Ctrl+Alt+HomeNavigate to Related SymbolNavigates between files with the various relationships. See Navigation In Source Code.

Ctrl+Alt+Function (F) keys

ShortcutFunctionUse this shortcut to...
Ctrl+Alt+F6Switch to another coverage suite.Open the Coverage Suites popu-up window and select the desired suite to run.
Ctrl+Alt+F7Show usagesShow usages of a symbol at the caret. See page Viewing Usages of a Symbol
Ctrl+Alt+F8Quick Evaluate ExpressionEvaluate an arbitrary expression without calling Evaluate Expression dialog box.
Ctrl+Alt+F9Force Run To CursorRun to the line where the caret is located, ignoring breakpoints. See page Stepping Through the Program.
Last modified: 28 November 2017

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