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Class Diagram Toolbar, Context Menu and Legend

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methodClick this button to show methods in the class nodes.
field Click this button to show fields in the class nodes.
constructorClick this button to show constructors in the class nodes.
edgemodeClick this button to enable creating extends or implements links between node elements. If this button is not pressed, links cannot be drawn.
erDiagramIconZoomInClick this button to increase the scale of the diagram, or press NumPad+.
erDiagramIconZoomOutClick this button to decrease the scale of the diagram, or press NumPad-.
erDiagramIconActualSizeClick this button to restore the actual size of the diagram.
erDiagramIconFitContentClick this button to make the contents fit into the current diagram size.
erDiagramIconApplyLayoutClick this button to apply the current layout, selected on the context menu of the diagram, or press F5.
ioClick this button to save the current diagram as a *.uml file.
exportToTextFileClick this button to save the diagram in an image file with the specified name and path. The possible formats are: jpeg, png, svg, svgz, or gif.
icon printClick this button to print the diagram.
printPreviewClick this button to open the diagram preview in a separate frame, where you can configure the page layout, scale, and headings information.

This section describes only those context menu commands that are not available from the toolbar.

Add class to diagram Space Choose this command to add existing class to the diagram background.
Collapse nodes C Choose this command to show the containing package of the selected node.
Expand nodes E Choose this command to show class diagram of the selected package.
New Alt+Insert Choose this command to create a new node element or member.
RefactorPoint to this node to select one of the refactoring commands available in this context.
AnalyzePoint to this node to select one of the code analysis commands available in this context.

Legend of a Class Diagram

The green arrow corresponds to the implements clause in a class declaration.
The blue arrow corresponds to the extends clause in a class declaration .
Last modified: 3 November 2017

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