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Command Line Tool Support: Symfony

File | Settings | Tools | Command Line Tool Support for Windows and Linux
PhpStorm | Preferences | Tools | Command Line Tool Support for macOS

The dialog box opens when you click the Add button and choose Symfony in the Choose Tool to Add dialog box.
Use the dialog box to configure Symfony support in PhpStorm.

Path to SymfonyIn this text box, specify the location of the Symfony executable file:
  • <symfony_home>/data/bin/symfony for Symfony 1.2.
  • <symfony_home>/data/bin/ for Symfony 1.4.
  • <symfony_home>/app/console for Symfony 2.
PhpStorm parses the contents of the specified file for Symfony commands.
Path to PHP executable Specify the location of the PHP interpreter to use.
Symfony component version From this list, choose the version to use.
Last modified: 27 July 2018

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