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Command Line Tool Support: Composer

File | Settings | Tools | Command Line Tool Support for Windows and Linux
PhpStorm | Preferences | Tools | Command Line Tool Support for macOS
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The dialog box opens when you click the Add button and choose Composer in the Choose Tool to Add dialog box.
In this dialog box, enable the use of Composer Dependency Manager in the command line mode by specifying the way to launch Composer and appointing the file to look for Composer commands in.

PhpStorm parses the contents of the specified .phar archive or executable file for Composer commands. When the file analysis is completed, PhpStorm returns to the Command Line Tools Support page where the specified file is added to the list of command line tools available in PhpStorm.

Integration with Composer is provided at the PhpStorm level, so once configured, the tool can be used in all your PhpStorm projects. Just activate or de-activate it when necessary depending on you needs.



Composer.phar or PHP script

Choose this option to launch Composer through a PHP script or have PhpStorm detect and start the launcher in the composer.phar archive. In this mode, PhpStorm provides coding assistance and allows you to execute scripts.
  • Path to PHP executable: In this field, specify the location of the PHP engine installation folder.

  • Path to composer.phar or composer: In this text box, specify the location of the composer.phar archive.

Composer executable

Choose this option to launch Composer through the Composer executable file. In this mode, you do not get coding assistance and cannot execute scripts because no PHP engine is appointed for it.
In the Path to executable field, specify the location of the composer executable file.

Last modified: 21 November 2018

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