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Create New Project: PHP Settings

File | New Project From Existing Files - Web server is installed locally, source files are located under its document root

The page opens if you have selected the Review PHP settings checkbox on the Create New Project: Specify Web Path (Local) page of the Wizard. Use this page to ensure that a PHP engine is installed on the specified local Web server and to configure a list of include paths. The page shows the PHP engine version installed on the selected local Web server. If no PHP engine is detected, PhpStorm displays a corresponding warning.



Include paths on server

Use the controls in this area to manage a list of include paths on the server:
  • Add - click this button to have a new entry added to the list.

  • Remove - click this button to remove the selected entry from the list.

  • Browse (browseButton.png) - click this button to select the desired folder in the corresponding dialog.

Last modified: 21 November 2018

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