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Language Injection Settings dialog: Sql Type Injection

File | Settings | Editor | Language Injections | icons general add | Sql Type Injection for Windows and Linux
PhpStorm | Preferences | Editor | Language Injections | icons general add svg | Sql Type Injection for macOS

Specify a data type pattern and associated injection language. See also, Using pattern-based injections for user-defined data types.



Type pattern

A regular expression pattern for a data type in your SQL code. E.g. (?i).*DATA would be a case-insensitive pattern for data types ending in data.

You can test your pattern: click icons actions intentionBulb or press Alt+Enter, and select Check RegExp. Then type the text to be matched against the pattern in the Sample field.


The language to be injected into a string value of the corresponding type.
  • ID. The language ID or name.

  • Prefix. A sequence of characters to be added before the corresponding string value.

  • Suffix. A sequence of characters to be added after the corresponding string value.

The prefix and suffix are optional. For more info, see Using language injection prefixes and suffixes.

Last modified: 21 November 2018

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