PhpStorm 2018.2 Help


File | Settings | Editor | TODO for Windows and Linux
PhpStorm | Preferences | Editor | TODO for macOS
Ctrl+Alt+S settings

Configure TODO patterns and filters for the TODO tool window.


Manage the list of TODO patterns recognized by PhpStorm.

Icon Shows the icon that is assigned to a pattern. This icon appears in the TODO tool window as a marker for the corresponding TODO items.
Case sensitiveIndicates whether the current pattern is case sensitive.
PatternDisplays the regular expression for a pattern.
Add Alt+Insert Open the Add Pattern dialog, where you can create a new TODO pattern.
Edit Enter Open theEdit Pattern dialog, where you can modify the selected TODO pattern.
Remove Alt+DeleteRemove the selected TODO pattern.


Manage the list of filters to display only specific TODO patterns.

NameShows the name of the filter.
PatternsShows the names of TODO patterns included in the filter.
Add Alt+InsertOpen the Add Filter dialog, where you can define a new filter.
Edit EnterOpen the Edit Filter dialog, where you can modify the selected filter.
Remove Alt+DeleteRemove the selected filter.
Last modified: 28 June 2018