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Use this page to specify the version control settings to be applied to those directories of your project that are under TFS control.



Servers and workspaces

In this area, configure access to workspaces and servers to use.
  • Manage: click this button to open the Manage TFS Servers and Workspaces dialog box where you can create a list of servers and workspaces you need to have access to.

  • Use PhpStorm HTTP Proxy settings for TFS: when this checkbox is selected, TFS servers are accessed through the Proxy server using the PhpStorm default Proxy settings.


In this area, handle the passwords for accessing TFS servers and workspaces.
  • Reset Saved Passwords: click this button to discard the stored passwords.

Check-in policies compatibility

A check-in policy is a rule that is executed before every check-in to ensure that the selected changeset is OK to commit. Standard policies are stored on the server and are executed on the client machines.

Custom policies are implemented as custom plugins to PhpStorm. The IDs of these plugins are stored on the server, while the policies themselves are applied locally. Therefore, to enable the use of a policy in a team, all the team members should install the corresponding plugin.

Use the controls in this area to configure how PhpStorm should treat third party check-in policies. These settings are applied to all PhpStorm projects by default unless they are overridden for a specific project.

  • Evaluate Team Explorer policies: select this checkbox to have the Microsoft Team Explorer policy definitions installed and executed on the client machine.

  • Evaluate Teamprise policies: select this checkbox to have the Teamprise policy definitions installed and executed on the client machine.

  • Warn about not installed policies: select this checkbox to have warnings displayed in case the specified policy definition is not installed.

Last modified: 18 March 2019

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