PhpStorm 2021.1 Help


Use this settings page to configure the commit options.

Use non-modal commit interfaceSelect this option to be able to commit from the Commit tool window Alt+0, without displaying the modal Commit Changes dialog.
Clear initial commit messageSelect this option if you do not want automatically fill the commit message fields with the previous commit message.
Force non-empty commit commentsSelect this option if you want to restrict committing changes without entering a commit message.
Show unversioned filesSelect this option if you want new files that have not been added to a VCS yet to be listed in the Commit Changes dialog.
Suggest to move uncommitted changes to another changelistSelect this option if you want PhpStorm to suggest moving changes to another changelist if you exclude them from a commit.
Create changelist on failed commitSelect whether you want a new changelist to be created if a commit fails.
Commit message inspectionsSelect the inspections that you want to be applied to the commit message.
Before Commit
Reformat codePerform code formatting according to the Project Code Style settings.
Rearrange codeRearrange your code according to the arrangement rules preferences.
Optimize importsRemove redundant import statements.
Analyze codeAnalyze modified files before committing them. Click Configure to select an inspection profile from which the IDE will run inspections.
Check TODO (<filter name>)Review the TODO items matching the specified filter. Click Configure to choose an existing TODO filter, or open the TODO settings page and define a new filter to be applied.
Cleanup Automatically apply the current inspection profile to the files you are going to commit/shelve.
Last modified: 08 March 2021