PhpStorm 2022.2 Help

Update info tab

This tab is available when local information is synchronized with the server (VCS | Update Project). The Commits area shows a list of all commits performed since you last synced with the remote.



Tooltip and Shortcut




Use this field to search through the list of commits. You can enter full commit names or messages or their fragments, revision numbers, or regular expressions. To finalize the search, press Enter or move the focus away from the search field.



Click to display previous search patterns.

the Clear icon


Click to clear the search and return to the full list of commits.

the Gear icon

Text Filter Settings

Click to select from the following options:

  • Regex: anything you type in the search field is treated as a regular expression, for example, #\d+.

  • Match Case: only entries with the matching case count.



Use this drop-down to filter commits by branch or favorite branches. If you want to see commits from all local and remote branches, select All.



Use this list to filter commits by author. To view all commits by a specific author, click Select and start typing the author's name. To view commits by all users, select All.



Use this list commits by a time-frame or a specific date. To view commits made on a specific date, click Select and specify the date. To view commits made on all dates, select All.



Use this list commits by the folder (for projects that have one root), or by the root and folder (for multi-rooted projects). To view commits to a specific folder, click Select Folders and specify the folder name. For multi-repository projects, you can also select the checkbox next to one or several roots in the Roots section.

the Refresh icon



Click this button to refresh the list of commits.

the Cherry-Pick button


Click to apply changes from the selected commit to the current branch.

the IntelliSort button


If this option is enabled, you get a more convenient way to view merges by displaying incoming commits first, directly below the merge commit.

the Eye icon

Presentation Settings

Click to invoke the list of options that let you configure how data is presented in the Log tab of the Version Control tool window Alt+9

  • Compact References View: if this option is enabled, branch references for a single commit are displayed in a collapsed view: Compact references view

    If you want to expand each branch reference on a line, deselect this option: Expanded references view

  • Show Tag Names: enable this option if you want tag names to be displayed in addition to the tag icon:

    the tag name

    If this option is disabled, you can still view a tag name by hovering the mouse over the tag icon.

  • Show Long Edges: if this option is enabled, long branches are displayed in full, even if there are no commits in them. If this option is disabled (by default), long branches are replaced with a down arrow.

  • Collapse Linear Branches: enable this option to collapse all branches on the graph so that a dotted line is shown instead of successive commits.

    It is also possible to collapse an individual expanded branch by clicking it.

  • Expand Linear Branches: enable this option to expand all collapsed branches to show successive commits on the graph.

    It is also possible to expand an individual collapsed branch by clicking it.

  • Highlight: select if you want to highlight the following:

    • My Commits: bold font

    • Merge Commits: greyed out

    • Current Branch: blue background

    • Non-Picked Commits: greyed out (only available for Git). Non-picked commits are commits from the selected branch that have not yet been applied to the current branch.

Show columns

Select which columns you want to see: author, date, and hash.

the Open Another Log Tab icon

Open Another Log Tab

Click to open a new log tab matching your filters, so that you don't have to set filters back and forth.

the Search icon

Go to Hash/Branch/Tag


Click this button and specify a hash, tag or branch you want to jump to.

Search by hash or branch/tag name

You can select a reference with the same name from different repositories. The name of each repository is displayed on the right along with its color indicator.

Changed files pane

This pane shows a list of files that were modified within the currently selected commit.

Changed files pane toolbar


Tooltip and Shortcut


the Show Diff icon

Show Diff


Open the Differences viewer for files where you can compare the local version of the selected file with its repository version.

the Revert button

Revert Selected Changes

roll back the changes in the selected file.

the History Up to Here button

History Up to Here

Open the History tab for the selected file that lets you explore the history of all file revisions.

the Group by button

Group By

Choose how you want to group modified files: by directory and/or module.

App general filter

Filter By

Choose if you want to hide the following from the log:

  • Hide files moved without changes: these are files that were moved from another location, but their content remained intact.

  • Hide files with non-important changes: these are files where changes were made only within import statements, or only affected formatting.

Configure layout

Configure Layout

Choose the following options:

  • Show Details: show the Commit details pane.

  • Show Diff Preview: open the Preview Diff pane where you can explore the differences between the selected modified file and its repository version.

the Expand All button the Collapse All button

Expand All/Collapse All

Ctrl+NumPad +

Click this button to expand/collapse all nodes.

Note that these buttons are only available only when tree-view is enabled.

Context menu commands



Show Diff Ctrl+D

Click to open the Differences viewer for files where you can compare the current and the previous revision of the selected file.

Compare with Local

Compare the revision of the file in the selected commit with its current local version.

Compare Before with Local

Compare the reversion of the file before the selected commit with its current local revision.

Edit Source F4

Open the local copy of the selected file for editing.

Open Repository Version

Click to open the repository version of the selected file for editing.

Revert Selected Changes

Click to roll back the changes in the selected file. This option is useful, when you only need to revert specific files instead of discarding an entire commit. Changes that revert the selected file will be placed in the active changelist.

Cherry-Pick Selected Changes

Click to apply the selected changes to the current branch.

History Up to Here

Open the History tab for the selected file that lets you explore the history of all file revisions.

Show Changes to Parents

Display changes to both parents for a merge commit to review merge results, and see how exactly conflicts were resolved during a merge.

Commit Details

This area is displayed when the Show Details the Show Details button option is enabled.

This area shows the details on the commit selected in the commits list, such as the commit message, hash, author, the link to the author's email, date, time, GPG signature, root and branches.

If the selected commit is contained in more than six branches, only the first six are displayed and the Show All link appears that you can click to expand a complete list of branches.

If a commit message references another commit, you can click this commit's hash to jump to it in the log.

Last modified: 21 July 2022