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Code Inspections in CoffeeScript

This topic lists all PhpStorm code inspections available in CoffeeScript.

You can toggle specific inspections or change their severity level on the Editor | Inspections page of the IDE settings Ctrl+Alt+S.

Probable bugs

InspectionDescriptionDefault Severity
'switch' statement with no 'default' branch

Reports a switch statement without default branches in CoffeeScript content. Such statements make tracking bugs difficult, if unexpected cases are ignored silently.

Warning Warning
Infinite loop statement

Reports a for, while, or do statement that can only exit by throwing an exception. Although such statements may be correct, they often indicate a coding error.

Warning Warning
Missing import statement

Reports a module that is not referenced through an import statement.

Suggests inserting an import statement.

Weak Warning Weak warning
Object literal call

Reports an object literal expression that is invoked as if it were a function.

Error Error
Variable assigned to itself

Reports any assignment of the form x = x in CoffeeScript content. Such assignments usually indicate a coding error.

Warning Warning


InspectionDescriptionDefault Severity
Function signature mismatch

Checks an argument in a CoffeeScript call expression that doesn't match the signature of the referenced function, including types, the number, and the order of arguments. Also, reports an overloading function that does not match the overloaded one in terms of parameters and return types.

Weak Warning Weak warning
Unused local symbols

Reports an unused locally accessible parameter, local variable, function, class, or private member declaration.

Warning Warning
Last modified: 16 July 2021