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Code Style. YAML

Use this page to configure formatting options for YAML files. When you change these settings, the Preview pane shows how this will affect your code.

Tabs and Indents


In this field, specify the number of spaces to be inserted for each indent level.

Keep indents on empty lines

If this checkbox is selected, PhpStorm retains indents on empty lines as if they contained some code. If the checkbox is cleared, PhpStorm deletes spaces on empty lines.

Indent sequence value

If selected, YAML sequence values are indented relative to the parent key item.

Wrapping and braces

In this tab, customize the exceptions, brace placement and alignment options that PhpStorm will apply to various code constructs on reformatting the source code. Check the results in the Preview pane.

Visual guides

In this field, specify multiple right margins. You can leave a default value or enter the number of spaces for your margin. If you want to specify several margins, enter numbers separated by comma.

Keep when reformatting

Use the checkboxes to configure exceptions that PhpStorm will make when reformatting the source code. For example, by default, the Line breaks checkbox is selected.

If your code contains lines that are shorter than a standard convention, you can convert them by disabling the Line breaks checkbox before reformatting.

Alignment options

    Align values in maps

    Use this list to specify how PhpStorm should align key-value pairs. The available options are:

    • Do not align: the attributes in sequential lines will be not aligned.

    • On colon: the attributes in sequential lines will be aligned against the colon.

    • On value: the attributes in sequential lines will be aligned against the value.

    Sequence value

    Use these options to specify formatting for the YAML sequence values:

    • Sequence on new line: if selected, each new sequence inside a nested sequences block is put on a separate line:

      - - - nested sequences block

      Otherwise, nested sequences will be kept on a single line:

      - - - nested sequences block
    • Block mapping on new line: if selected, block mappings inside a sequence are put on a separate line:

      - key: value

      Otherwise, they are kept on a single line:

      - key: value
    • Automatically insert hyphen on enter: if selected, PhpStorm will automatically hyphenate the next sequence value when you press Enter.

    Set from

    The link appears in the upper-right corner of the page, when applicable. Click this link and choose the language to be used as the base for the current language code style.

    To return to the initial set of code style settings and discard the changes, click Reset.

    Last modified: 11 February 2024