PhpStorm 2024.1 Help

Connect to a web server

PhpStorm distinguishes among the following three types of "local development — deployment server" configurations:

  • In-place server configuration.

    In an in-place server configuration, you are using a local web server, but unlike with the local server configuration, don't upload/download or synchronize files between the PhpStorm project and the project folder in the server file structure. Instead, you open the project folder from the server document root directly in PhpStorm, and thus do the development on the server directly.

    Create an in-place server configuration

  • Local server configuration.

    A local server is a server that runs in a local or mounted folder and serves files to a local URL address. In a local server configuration, you do the development in a PhpStorm project, and then upload the project files to the document root on the server.

    Create a local server configuration

  • Remote server configuration.

    In a remote server configuration, the server runs on another computer (a remote host). To access files on the remote server, use FTP/SFTP/FTPS/WebDAV protocols.

    Create a remote server configuration

You can define as many configurations as necessary, thus enabling flexible switching between upload/download setups.

If you need to deploy code to multiple servers, you can create a server group and avoid deploying to each server individually.

Default server access configuration

You can set a server configuration as default to have PhpStorm silently apply it in the following cases:

  1. In the Settings dialog (Ctrl+Alt+S) , go to Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment, select the required server access configuration in the central pane, and click the Use as default button on the toolbar.

    Alternatively, click the Default Deployment Server widget in the PhpStorm status bar and select the desired server or server group from the popup menu.

    Selecting a default deployment server in PhpStorm status bar
  2. To configure the upload to the default server, go to Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment | Options.

Last modified: 15 April 2024