PhpStorm 2021.2 Help

Create New Project: Specify Remote Server

The page opens when you click Next on the Create New Project: Specify Local Path page. On this page of the Wizard, choose the remote Web server to use. You can select a configured Web server or define a new configuration.

Add new remote serverSelect this option to move to the Create New Project: Add Remote Server page and specify a new Web server configuration.
Use existing serverSelect this option to use one of the existing Web server configurations from the list below.
NameThis read-only field shows the name of the remote server configuration.
URL addressThis read-only field shows the URL address of the server document root according to the chosen configuration.
Local or Mounted Folder

This read-only field shows the path to the mounted drive.

The field is available if you have selected the My web server is on remote host, files are accessible via network share or mounted folder option on the first page of the Wizard.


This read-only field shows the URL address of the FTP, SFTP, or FTPS host in the format ftp://<host_name>:<port> or ftp://<host_name>:<port>

Don't check HTTP connection to server
  • When this checkbox is cleared, PhpStorm checks whether the specified URL address ensures successful connection to the server.

  • When this checkbox is selected, PhpStorm moves to the next page of the Wizard without any connection check.

Last modified: 02 September 2021